Debby Boone You Light Up My Life Lyrics

You Light Up My Life Lyrics

Debby Boone

  • So many nights
  • I'd sit by my window,
  • Waiting for someone
  • To sing me his song.
  • So many dreams
  • I've kept deep inside me.
  • Alone in the dark
  • But now you've come along.
  • (Chorus):
  • And you
  • Light up my life.
  • You give me hope
  • To carry on.
  • You light up my days
  • And fill my nights
  • With song.
  • Rolling at sea,
  • Adrift on the waters.
  • Could it be finally
  • I'm turning for home?
  • Finally, a chance
  • To say, "Hey, I love you,"
  • Never again
  • To be all alone.
  • (Chorus x2)
  • It can't be wrong,
  • When it feels so right.
  • 'Cause you...
  • You light up my...
  • Life

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