Gucci Mane Yelp Lyrics

Yelp Lyrics

Gucci Mane

  • Chorus :
  • Flex, sex, drugs an money, cars, clothes & plenty of women , i got all ah that x2
  • Verse :
  • yo tell the truth young juice the truth , frenchie , wooh an Flocka too
  • So if ya wanna test my crew STEP now by yo self boy You gone need HELP
  • Desert eagle under my BELT Mac 90 double clip or Flare so icey all about our WEALTH
  • Gucci mane i sign myself yo swag is kinda stale
  • Sick flow i need ah ginger ALE undercover i think you Are TWELVE long way Gucci cool as HELL before i had Ah job i had ah SCALE
  • Chorus X2
  • Verse 2 :
  • Im so icey my time piece is like WOW
  • Bling blow burr gucci mane
  • Ooh child million worth of jewerly on (bite down)
  • I'm so turnt up drama boy turn me down i think i see The clouds fareal I'm on ah jet now phantom 26's Junkies please wipe it down backseat of the phantom Me an wocka have ah pound flyer than ah eagle no I'm Higher than ah owl birthday bash i might jump off in The crowd Gucci crew wild would yal please cut it down calm down baby thats why i style girls go wild only to bust down
  • Chorus X2
  • Verse 3 :
  • Brick squad 1017 i here, walk off in club and da fine women cheer
  • Diamonds in ma ear yeah they crystal clear, money out the rear engine in the rear
  • I wish my dick could see me here put it down like she was here
  • 15 diamond chains on, got your girlfriend sayin BURR
  • 7 busters on the grind got your girl like where your balls
  • $250,000 homegirl thats my truck 60 bricks yeah thats My plug East Atlanta where I'm from, college degree
  • .....

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