Mariah Carey You Are My Heart And Soul! Lyrics

You Are My Heart And Soul! Lyrics

Mariah Carey

  • today I met you on the internet,
  • didn't think, it would click, but
  • I'm sure you didn't think it would
  • work out,,,what do you bet?
  • I sent you a song, on an e-mail
  • but all you could think of, was having a piece of tail.
  • What will I do without you,,,
  • Heaven knows how much , you hav been in and out of the room, jumping like a crazy pou!
  • We spent a couple of days together,,,
  • I even had time to knite me a sweater
  • but your love for me,,,was lighyter then a feather.
  • Darling how I missed you so,,,when you ran away,,,
  • I cried my eyes out until I had no more tears flow so I put my heart away.
  • I thought that I would never Love again but then came Turan and I'm riding a hurricane again!
  • He was so handsome, with a smile to melt one's heart.,,a barrel full of trouble and a Candy lickin pop tarte!
  • He gazed at me and my heart went Tock, tock, then suddenly I heard the chimes of the city clock!
  • I knew that it was time to go back home,,,to a hubby,,,that bossed me around like a hoppy-go-lot! Come here, go there, run a bus to the country fair.
  • I couldn't wait until dawn bloomed cause I knew then,,,,I had time to go shoppin and go wherever my heart assumed!
  • Soon the clock assummoned and I jumped with glea,,,,,knowing that my hubby was gone to work and I would be once again Free! With a smile on my face and a song in my heart,,,,I climed the high hill,,,to encouter Bill!
  • We had a great talk,,,we laughed and danced like two worn out frogs!
  • Never did I have so much fun and I prayed to see the day,,,when the joy would be back in my werried heart one some sunny day!
  • hoping that God is hearing this,,,I pray that my hubby find another and fall in love,,,then I could go back to my Lover and cahrming Turtle Dove!
  • All of a sudden the skies were cleared as I turned around ,,,,only to find,,,that this was only a dream and my heart forever alone!

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