Ne-Yo You're A Star Lyrics

You're A Star Lyrics


  • All by herself she walks around
  • The sun is up she lookin' down
  • Her lonely tears, they hit the ground, they start a fire
  • He took her heart, he took her smile
  • And simply threw it in the pile of hearts
  • That he broken before he ever tried her
  • I sit back and I watched it all
  • I witness every teardrop fall
  • It's almost night
  • She's getting smaller every time she cries
  • I just can't stand to see her tears
  • And so before she disappears
  • I think I'll call her over here
  • (?) And if I leave a reminder
  • Chorus
  • Girl you're beautiful
  • Don't let him take that from you
  • Girl you've got to know
  • Come here and let me show you
  • Let me ease your mind
  • Put you back in the sky
  • Baby you're a star don't let him dull your shine
  • He isn't worth your tears so baby dry your eyes
  • Just know that you're a star don't let him dull your shine
  • Don't let him end-all your shine
  • She's so special
  • Worth so much more
  • Than what she know
  • Cause he never told her
  • And so she cries
  • He said goodbye
  • But baby I will be the one to hold you down
  • And you will never hurt again
  • Just wanna see you smile right now
  • Stand up and keep on shining
  • And baby if you need
  • (?) Then I'll just need to remind her
  • Chorus
  • Don't let him end-all your shine (x3)
  • Chorus

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