Red Hot Chili Peppers Yertle The Turtle Lyrics

Yertle The Turtle Lyrics

Red Hot Chili Peppers

  • Look at the turtle go, bro
  • On a far away island of Salamasond
  • I said, Yertle the turtle was king of the pond
  • A nice little pond, it was clean, it was neat
  • The water was warm, there was a plenty to eat
  • Until one day, the king of them all
  • Decided the kingdom he ruled, was too small
  • “I'm a ruler of all that I see but I don't see enough
  • And that's the trouble with me”
  • “With this stone for a throne, I'm too low down
  • I cannot look down upon the places beyond”
  • So Yertle the turtle king lifted his hand
  • And Yertle the turtle king gave a command
  • He ordered all the turtles onto one another's back
  • He piled them high into a ten turtle stack
  • "Oh, Yertle the turtle, the things I now rule
  • I'm king of a cow, I'm king of a mule"
  • Look at the turtle go, bro
  • Then down from below in the great turtle stack
  • Came a burp from a plain little turtle named Mack
  • Just part of the throne, this burpin' little turtle
  • Looked up and said, "I beg your pardon, King Yertle"
  • “I've pains in my back, my shoulders and my knees
  • How long must we stand here, Your Majesty”
  • "Silence", the king of the turtles barked back
  • To the bad burpin' little turtle named Mack
  • “I'm Yertle the turtle, oh marvelous me
  • For I am ruler of all that I see”
  • Yertle, Yertle the turtle
  • Yertle, Yertle the turtle
  • Yertle, Yertle the turtle
  • ...

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