Red Hot Chili Peppers Your Eyes Girl Lyrics

Your Eyes Girl Lyrics

Red Hot Chili Peppers

  • I’m afraid that I’m never afraid
  • I’ve got combat boots
  • And I’m American made
  • For your eyes girl
  • Mormon lover on a delicate day
  • Gonna marry the boss
  • Get carried away
  • War cries girl
  • I’m not immune to Canadian snow
  • Now teach me everything
  • That I should know
  • With your eyes girl
  • Freeze on the radio
  • I’ve got to leave and alone
  • Freeze on the radio
  • I’ve got to bleed into snow
  • Hold on
  • Let go
  • We know
  • Do you shine like a temple inside
  • Can I open your core
  • So gentle and wide
  • Like your eyes girl
  • Rack ‘em up stretch ‘em out
  • When they’re tight
  • This acetylene torch is giving me sight
  • War cries girl
  • Black and blue from the hullabaloo
  • Do the caribou bite
  • When they look into you
  • And your eyes girl

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