Wiz Khalifa Young Boy Talk Lyrics

Young Boy Talk Lyrics

Wiz Khalifa

  • (puffin) Uh huh
  • Sledgerin
  • Uh
  • Look nigga i'm the rawest, the mo'fuckin' animal
  • Want war? One phone call is how i handle you (whew)
  • On the grind, you pussy nigga's hate
  • Bitch i'm out in different states, politic, and gettin cake.
  • Fill my lungs with the best weed, pockets with them doller signs.
  • Run with them niggas holdin glocks like its columbine (pop, pop ,pop)
  • I'm a star, ain't a choice hoe i gotta shine
  • Far as Pittsburg, i'm the voice so i gotta rhyme.
  • Grind all the time ever since the 1st day
  • Now i'm gettin cake like every day became my birthday
  • something like a earthquake, the way this shit drop
  • I be at the tip top posted with a big knot
  • You didn't know hoe you sit at home and just watch
  • Less then haters, stone cold spectators
  • Same lame's turn out to be investigators
  • No where near comfortable need extra paper.
  • Got the city on smash, the streets on lock
  • 100 real niggas with their heats on cock
  • got my pockets on swol still need more gwap.
  • Plus the hood says they love to hear the young boy talk
  • Ay ay
  • The jeans spent about a buck 45 on them
  • If He trick the team, buck 45's on him.
  • When we hit the scene, the club hoes just pile on him
  • You scrubs show them groupies love, i just style on them.

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