Trans Siberian Orchestra "Promises To Keep" Lyrics

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"Promises To Keep" Video Lyrics

"Promises To Keep" LYRICS

Christmas time On a cold December morning All is calm And the world is still asleep Christmas lights That have been caught without warning Gently glitter on Stars to wish upon All the world is at peace 
Christmas time and the year will soon be leaving Cloaked in time till it's just a memory Christmas stays if we don't forget its meaning Days go quickly by Years they multiply And we go searching for thee 
And the dream is still alive From that first December morning And it always will survive As long as we can see That the dreams we find in life Are the dreams we tend to seek And Christmas has its promises to keep 
Christmas time And the moments just beginning From last night When we'd wished upon a star 
If our kindness This day is just pretending If we pretend long enough Never giving up It just might be who we are 
And so it's good that we rememberJust as soon as we've discoveredthat the things we do in lifewill always end up touchingothers
so from a fading neon starsomewhere shining in the nightwe find a father far awaynow reflecting in it's light 

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