Lil Wayne Y U Mad Lyrics

  • (Nicki Minaj: Verse)
  • I am the female weezy, this sh*t is easy
  • pull up that new new, b*tch get a squeegee
  • yeah, my flow sick, yeah my flow queasy
  • haha, they were sleepin' on me z-z-z-z-z
  • This p*ssy clean, this p*ssy squeaky
  • that p*ssy old, that p*ssy creeky
  • when I'm out the country, n*ggas call me Neeki
  • hi how are you? yes its nice to meet me!
  • Damn - billboard (Haha!)
  • I mean I'm winnin' but im still bored
  • yeah we shine - goldcluster
  • as for your career, dead - ghostbuster
  • (Chorus)
  • That's why you mad,
  • that's why you, why you
  • mad, mad (4x)
  • (Birdman:Verse)
  • Man f*ck ya'll n***as, get down or lay down
  • Shoot up anything except a school or a playground
  • Triple OG n***a these hoes know me
  • Shiny AK blood just like a trophy
  • Im old school, and i'll smack a b**ch, getting money like a motherf***in cracker B**ch
  • Whatcha know about it, take notes n***a, YMCMB head coach n***a
  • Yeah, stunt man, stunt man, street sweeper in my hand get the dust pan
  • We dunn took off n***a, got the game on lock like football n***a
  • (Chorus)

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