French Montana Wingz Lyrics

Wingz Lyrics

French Montana

  • What a dope
  • Ak 47 mack 11 is the glass of artist
  • Turn your mother f*cker block into a roll
  • Waka Flocka partner, big flex in another
  • Serving s**t upside down when i come to refresh my ..
  • n***a stole on the .. i'ma .. on my …
  • Evidence
  • All over the scene ..
  • I got a girl dream who makes a few wingz
  • Hook:
  • I made a few flicks the money grew wingz
  • ..took the chips I'm talk a few ringz
  • Talk about few bottles, talk about few chains, talk about few cars
  • I need a few things and h**l yeah i'm getting high is the high way
  • Bout a half a mill car and drive way
  • My name is shame is my favorite claim ..
  • Five stacks to my favorite dancer
  • Stumber a*s up looking like ..
  • Money roll on the big ..
  • Got your b***h going down like my time line
  • ..50 rony 55 … big clear with the .. chips need a few ring
  • Call 500 horses grow wings
  • ..ballin like the Netherland ..drum sound like the metal band
  • Call .. you too f*ck with the .. in the new school
  • I made a few flips the money new rings
  • ..two chips i'm talk a few ..
  • [Hook:]
  • Homie this the life half a million dollar car
  • At the red life she says she like the way that she ..
  • When i talk message get a gold chill…
  • Baby I'm addicted where the how I'm livin
  • Wake up in the morning two b*****s, two switches wish i had to dance up
  • Drink more more more more liquier tonight's a movie motion picture
  • If i thought this bands would you lick up
  • Everything on me baby pick a …
  • [Hook:]
  • Train daily man on the roof i got to barbs
  • And you can flick that b***h she's an angry birds
  • Hundred carrots on my arms ..with that bomb
  • Whip game big chain, super charge
  • You know them cold boys goes stupid hard
  • I'm super stupid .. i f*ck with stupid groupie
  • Big money on his hand baby lose his ..
  • n***a swerving in that ride watch your step n***a get you murder on that side
  • Them .. French with me ride with me .. with me
  • And rap slow i'm my ..
  • [Hook:]

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