Hurray !!! we just got 1000,000 pageviews. I thank everyone who visited. you are special :)

This is a great day for shattalyrics, yeah we just hit 1000,000. Yeah a million. Its such a great day. We celebrate this day because i know how difficult it is to reach this number. So i thank you all. You made this come true. Especially You.

Shattalyrics started posting music lyrics since 2012 , at first i wasn't all that into it. But something inside me made me pursue this hobby, given you the best music lyrics hand picked just for your pleasure.  From Michael Jackson's lyrics to bob Marley to Taylor swift to Justin Bieber to the top hitting Christmas songs as well as the YMCA lyrics.

This blog has made me aware of how people really adore music lyrics and how people spend their time reading the best messages, the explicit messages and the entertaining messages. People will always read it as long as it is online. To the fans who made this number come to pass, i say God Bless. You all rock.

We shall keep on giving you the best to the maximum. All we need is your criticisms and your appraisals. They made this site what it is. And i thank you again because you made me make a couple of bucks for my time spent into this blog.
The following are the breakdown of the top viewed lyrics since 2012 from shattalyrics.


Village people made a tremendous splint this year by surpassing Jim Reeve's An old Christmas. I guess a sudden on-page optimization i did must have contributed to this rising.Other contributing factor might be the gay controversy surrounding this music. But hey :) is all good, I think the music is good and people really like it.

Jim Reeves "An old christmas card" Lyrics

Dec 11, 2012,

I posted Jim Reeves An old Christmas two years ago when i had a sudden epiphany to post a Christmas lyric to embrace the coming Christmas. And to my surprise it catapulted within two weeks to 15,000 page views. I guess Christmas will always be spent as well there are anticipated Christians and this page will always be viewed. thank you Jim reeves fans.


Oct 24, 2012,

Justin bieber's beauty and a beat really competed with village people, there was a time when it even outranked village people on this blog. But all the same i salute Justin bieber not just for for a beauty and a beat but also for his other songs which made tremendous impacts like the Die in your arms lyrics, the Fall Lyrics which made a huge potential, the As long as you love me which is personally my favorite and more.

27,599 vews

Nov 19, 2012,

Michael Jackson to me is the best lyrics page views all time. He is all time because even though Village people and Jim Reeves are topping, Michael Jackson's lyrics are viewed everyday. Studying the trend, it wouldn't surprise me if he climbs to the Top. After all He is the all time best POP king. A big salute to the moon walker. by the way other potential rising michael's songs include The Girl is mine , Baby be mine and wanna be starting something which was my youthful favorite until now.


Sep 16, 2012,

Avril Lavign what the hell topped on shattalyrics for a month in September to October. The music actually sounds good to the ears. For the lyrics, you might wanna checkout your self. Wish you were here and Cant let you go also made great impact but overall What the hell was a cracker.


Jan 30, 2013,

Solange Knowles with Valentine's day was published on shattalyrics January 30 because i was aiming for 14 February which was two weeks till day. It made a 5000 pageview mark and was glad it did. Its still makes progress but drastically during every valentine. Other valentine songs progressing with Solange knowles include Linkin Park's valentine music and Mindless Behaviors valentine girl lyrics.
Other potential music lyrics are listed below. Apart from the above and below list there are smaller music lyrics all contributing to this great day of 1000,000 pageviews i cant list all here. You might search them on shattalyrics yourself. All together there are about 1,843 music lyrics here. This blog is one of my hobby's and will always let it stay that way because it fun to do it. Anyone is welcome to contribute and share their ideas and criticisms.

However since am a programmer, i have dedicated another extra time to write some codes to automatically publish about 30,000 lyrics which might take me about 600 days or 2 years since blogger only support or limit daily posting to 50. Thank you all for viewing shattalyrics. Anyone with a sudden interest or advice can reach me via





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