Josh Groban Bring him home lyrics

josh grobin bring him home lyrics

  • Bring Him Home
  • (from "Les Miserables" musical)

  • Valjean
  • God on high
  • Hear my prayer
  • In my need
  • You have always been there
  • He is young
  • He's afraid
  • Let him rest
  • Heaven blessed.
  • Bring him home
  • Bring him home
  • Bring him home.
  • He's like the son I might have known
  • If God had granted me a son.
  • The summers die
  • One by one
  • How soon they fly
  • On and on
  • And I am old
  • And will be gone.
  • Bring him peace
  • Bring him joy
  • He is young
  • He is only a boy
  • You can take
  • You can give
  • Let him be
  • Let him live
  • If I die
  • Let me die
  • Let him live
  • Bring him home
  • Bring him home
  • Bring him home
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