sarkodie Newguy ft Ace Hood lyrics

sarkodie newguy lyrics ft ace hood

  • Sarkodie’s New Guy ft Ace hood (Sarkodie’s RAP ONLY) 


  • Sarkodie 1st rap:
  • I’m the New Guy,I made from the slums back in Africa where most of my N*ggas committed suicide.
  • Every Story get the two sides,T Shirt tryna make it to the suit n Tie,
  • You know a N*gga gotta survive is do and die,we gotta make it and is really up to you and I,
  • Started from the bottom N*gga really did alot, So tell me who am I,
  • Obi nso fr3 ne Nyame na Boys Nyina h) nti ya mo ma m’asum nwo me na me p3 m’anim ak),
  • Ma promise me fans nso s3 Kanea na 3w0 Makyi no na s),s3 nea mey3 no daa no TB Joshua ay3 no synagogue,
  • Ma rap ma me Jacket akyi duduudu no akyi na f), 3fam awo,nanso still aa metw3n ama nsuo na t),
  • Rappers 3move me nowdays shutouts to Senavoe,
  • Rap no fri manum bagagaga te s3 tiab)fr3, me spit flow from Kilo to Tones,
  • Rap fri America but it truly belongs, to the blacks so am free to curse on the song,
  • F**k around wit me na mede spanner b3 kyuku wo lungs,
  • Hwan na se rap ny3 den we started from 97,3t) da bi Anaadwo 11 me ne madanfo bi Kevin,Me ne no we be disturbing the Neighbourhood, Tema Community 9,Still aa mehu me hood no Heaven.Rap no vim no wom,Start me track no mom, Check me stamp no bom, drop me sark ne nwom na set me trap no biom, Obidi style nni dwom,dawg na time ne krom ahh
  • 247 y3de me rap no b) akutia no bore cos it cums wit it,came from the ghetto d3n na wo b3 kyer3 me
  • y3 pabene ma people dey call me Obidipon bidi.
  • Hook:
  • Acehood Verse:
  • Sarkodie’s 2nd Rap:
  • Let me take you to Africa
  • My people dey love you
  • I came in you showed me some and I promised to build you a statue,
  • Ace hood Akwabaa and Sark is a hell of a nation, Ma sign wo din w) Kumasi ma pim so ny3 ade3 wo b3 hia confirmation…
  • Ace hood Rap 2
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