Phutureprimitive Music Review

This is my personal review to the phenomenon artist and music producer Phutureprimitive.

I think this artist has a revolutionary style. Apart from Paul Collier who is also very good with subconscious music, phutureprimitive is one of a kind.

His style is a mixture of hip-hop background with a fuse of techno style and reggae rhythm.

It will be very difficult to hear the reggae riddim but it exists in most of the songs I have heard of phutureprimitive.

Phutureprimitive can convert any note to sound like any animals voice in his music. This is demonstrated in the Subconscious Album. He has deep knowledge in sound engineering. The kinetic album is my favourite.

phutureprimitive kinetic

Then there is also a track called HyperSense from the Subconscious Album. This track made me remember a game I used to play on Xbox called Crash. I played with crash bandicoot to a level in that game that has the name Hyper.

Any great artist can construct beautiful designs from anything. It doesn't matter whether that thing is ugly. The Italian Pablo Picasso did it with the invention of collage and using cubism to create beauty.
Art is all about pattern, riddim, sequence and a little bit of design. And phutureprimitive is doing the same thing with notes and beats and riddims.

His style of releasing each note with exact timing and control makes us hear every single sentence of music without vocals. I personally find his music applicable to my exercise time. When I go to the gym and listen to phutureprimitive, it takes me a while to realise the feeling of pain or exhaustion.

There are so many elements in his music to keep one's mind occupied enough to forget pains when exercising or running.
His music is enough without vocals. This is not a business inclined review. Anyone who loves Phutureprimitive's music will know what am talking about.

He spends much time tuning each note with electronic plugins to suit your ears. <a href="" title="the ripple effect phutureprimitive" >The ripple effect</a> is also one of my favourites.The ripple effect makes me bounce my head when in a car. The feeling actually makes me want to do things in a faster pace.

This music will make you listen to a new note, never ever made with any natural string. Electronic Softwares like fruity loops, LMMS, beatWave and others have brought newly developed notes with flexibility in the music industry.

And I think phutureprimitive is an epitome of subconscious music. His music involves a lot to concentrate on at the same time. You need to have like 7 ears to listen to all the notes together in harmony.

His best crazy style to me is when he tries to convert certain notes to sound like a lion roaring or an animal wild enough to swallow something. :)

Anyway, I think anyone who loves the art of music will recognize how talented phutureprimitive is.

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