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Overview of Tales of Africa
Tales of Africa is the number one online portal for Africans and people of African descent to learn about their history and also distort the negative narrative people have about Africa.

Tales of Africa is an initiative to project positive African values and challenge the status quo of Africa being relegated to the background. The vision of Tales of Africa is to establish Africa as a no push-over continent and reduce the over-reliance on western media by establishing our own medium of communication, so that when Africa speaks, the world listens!

Tales of Africa is a platform for Africans to have their voices heard and position them as global players. The main areas Tales of Africa focuses on are;

  • Discovering The Top Cities In Africa
Africa has some of the most beautiful cities in the world but this is rarely talked about. Most people view Africa as a large desert area with dispersed huts with thatched roofs and people living on trees.
It is quite interesting when people ask if Africa has electricity or whether it is a country. Tales of Africa debunks all the false theories surrounding Africa and portrays it in its full beauty and glory!

  • Top Agencies in Africa
Tales of Africa has carefully put together some world class services rendered by some agencies in Africa. This is to help people whether in Africa or the diaspora to discover and utilize the services of some of Africa’s finest agencies. This will help to promote African businesses and encourage transactions between one another.

Tales of Africa envisions a day where African businesses will be competing globally with some of the top businesses in the world!

  • Upcoming Events For Africans
Tales of Africa gives a heads-up to Africans about programs they can participate in to promote their businesses, participate in trainings, conferences and foster meaningful relationships through networking. Africa has a lot of talent but very few get exposed to the innumerable opportunities around them. Tales of Africa makes these opportunities accessible to Africans which gives them a platform to showcase their diverse skills and knowledge.

  • Forum
Tales of Africa has a forum which serves as a virtual community where ideas and views on particular issues are discussed. This provides everyone with a voice to be heard and an opportunity to learn from beginners and experts. The categories discussed in the forum are;
  • Politics in Africa: For discussing how we can put measures in place to see Africa move forward.

  • Community News: For discussing the latest news and happenings in your community.

  • Entertainment in Africa: For discussing African entertainment such as sports, music, films and the latest dance craze in town.

  • Tit-Bits About Africa: Leave some information, advice or gossip for people who are keen on visiting Africa but do not know where to start.

  • African Folklore: Share with us all the myth, stories, and proverbs you heard growing up in an African community.

  • African Books Review: Give us a little insight into what African literature you are reading, or let us know what African literature you have questions about.

  • Blog
Tales of Africa attracts readership from all over Africa and the diaspora through its insightful blog posts which enlighten people on Pan-Africanism. The blog connects our readers with happenings in Africa and also showcases Africa’s rich enchanted culture.

It is the aim of Tales of Africa to instill Pan-Africanism in Africans and raise the awareness about the richness of Black History.
It is our hope that the blood of Africa’s revolutionary leaders should not be in vain but rather give rise to the germination of the true seedlings of African revolution who shall continue to fight against neo-colonialism.

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