Tyga Yonkers Lyrics

Yonkers Lyrics


  • I'm Well Done
  • I'm Well Done
  • [Verse 1]
  • Uh
  • Fuckin' Ric Flair leglock
  • Headshot, body cropped, make his fuckin' mama watch
  • Squeeze your baby inside a fuckin' baby bottle pop
  • Whisky top, running through your blood til your kidneys pop
  • Pillow-talk, leave your lips on top of your pillowtop
  • Pop you while your roof off, on top of a rooftop
  • Oswald, Mankind, all you niggas getting socked
  • lothal wop, Wopper it til your burger leave the lettuce out
  • Check this out, no one around
  • Put your faces on my crotch
  • Give a lick, lollipop, frog-tongue on my cock
  • [Verse 2]
  • Fears
  • Dead mammals in my living room
  • Louis minks, foxtails, doper than the metal spoon
  • Ay fool, split your enchilada, now it's worm food
  • Moving like worms move, burn ya like perms do
  • One two, leader of the Rat Pack Tat crew
  • Hat removed, when I walk in rooms, make her eyes twitch
  • Juke ya, cut your shit out like a coupon
  • In due time, reign of a new king
  • Well done

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