Powerful Discovery Of Buddy Mwana "YungLyrics Outro"

Nobody believed a Canadian rapper buddy can use his music lyrics to uncover a hidden message in our society. First of all this is not just an amateur rapper. Based on his lyrics and the deep consciousness he prevails.

"Im a man on mission, my time is ticking for gliches"

This message is only relevant when we direct it to life and our mission here. What sought of "glitches"
are we suppose to acquire. Is it money, fame,bitches,cars,men,pleasure? what is most important for us to do?
His rhymes are off the hook. and the rhythm and messages should be read twice.

"we are blind the vision, the vision on television."

Are we been shown the real truth behind these media controversies. Are the big media houses telling us about the truth.
Buddy "yunglyrics" recognizes Abraham lincoln, Martin Luther and Malcom-x as figures of his message. These people proclaim the truth even to the death.

"I do it for fame, its something more than a game, preach "

And then hits us with the bible sermon Luke the first verse 1.

 "the ignorance is a bliss, what we discoverd we missed.
"You either get educated or you quit. become a legend or dipp."

 A philosophy for the shatta lyricals. Understanding our purpose and what we are here for is what drives most intellectuals. If rappers should use their lyrics to educate the masses on the truth and guilde people to seek the real truth. Then we are on a good path to discover our true destiny.

The discovery is "We are blind the vision, the vision on television."
According to http://quotationsbook.com/quote/37472/
        "The more we study the more we discover our ignorance."   Shelley, Percy Bysshe.
Even though this track is an Outro. IT is just the begining of a rising star.. shattalyrics.

"Citizens with addiction, a flock of chickens with pigeons "  (shattalyrics favorite Line).

   YungLyrics The Outro Music Video Lyrics

(Verse 1)
This for the smokers and jokers who doing hocus for pocus
Saving roaches for roaches , and getting lifted for focus
Im talking Rastafarianism, the angels have risen
In Jehovah we trusting in weed nd dominate christians  
Play the message and listen, study my mind of exquisites
My mama never understood why I was never predictive
Im a man on mission, my time is ticking for glitches
Thats why im droppin em fishes, aint got time for them bitches
My real nigga’s in prison because the system statistics
Citizens with addiction, a flock of chickens with pigeons
Governmentental ambitions, im saying the fuck the petition
Making money from writtens, my nigga fuck a position
We are blind the vision, the vision on television
Sniper aim with precision, and we the blame to collision
Illuminati predictions, the devils minds in the kitchens
Living out my own dreams, it aint nothin im wishing, im gone
(Verse 2)
Persisted signs of consistence im reading lines that im thinking
The vivid times of the missing, Im talking Abraham Lincoln
Martin Luther as King, Malcolm-X, as a kid
Born an angel with wings, now they callin me Chris
Luke the first to verse 1 and the scripture was this
The ignorance is a bliss, what we discovered we missed
In the darkness of mist, should we discover a myth
2012 the 23rd, do you believe in that shit?
Get educated or quit, become a legend or dipp
Im steady making up hits, you steady sucking on tits
Could i get better than this? invest in getting me rich
Its black and white world, abercrombie and fitch
A maserati from hell, the hiddens signs can you tell?
Is it the meek that will dwell, deceive the brave in a cell
Box the feeling of pain, and resurrect in the vain
I do it for fame, its something more than a game, preach

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  1. This is what I've always been waiting for, someone who truly understands my music. Thank you.


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