2chainz yuck ft lil wayne lyrics

"yuck" LYRICS

[Intro]Yuck Daddy! Yuck!Yuck Daddy! Yuck![Verse 1: 2 Chainz]Uh, cut the top off, call it Amber RoseJust bought a big body, time to paint the toesKnown to act a donkey on the camel-toeThen take the camel-toe and turn it into casserole2 Chainz talkin' on the FLX phonePoof! Just like that the whole check goneFormer Posturepedic I was slept onSo many chains on it look like my neck goneMy girl came through and brought an extra bodyNow that's an after party for the after partyTwo-gun game, all-black FerrariHis and her Armani, put it in a tonicAnd yeah, the bread good if the head goodBefore Benihana's it was canned goodsBefore canned goods it was SimilacI'm from where they send shots then we send 'em backA half a million dollars worth of crack moneyWrap your parents up, now you got a black mommyYeah I did it, true to my religionTwo guns on me, both with extensionsIf you on the pole, play your positionI got enough dough to pay your tuitionCorduroy Trues, with the skull capI just woke up, tell me where the drugs atAnd after the drugs, where the girls atAnd after the guns, where the love atAnd if it ain't no love, I'm like fuck thatNigga I'm so dope, you could catch a fuckin' contact[Hook: Lil Wayne]Good weed, bad bitchGot these hoes on my dick like Brad PittWoah, I seen it all beforeThe bitch got a man, but she schemin' on the lowHow it go? It go, fuck them other niggas cause I'm down for my niggas[ From: http://www.metrolyrics.com/yuck-lyrics-2-chainz.html ]My homies got the blickers, automatics no clickersHuh? Codine, no liquorMan, life is a bitch, mine is a gold diggerI'm fucked, let's fuckShe said she on her period, I said, "Yuck"I called another bopper, I beat it like a copperTwo big chain, one big chopper, bitch[Verse 3: 2 Chainz]I got the chopper for the cold responseThe codine got me standin' horizontalI had enough of the broken promisesSo I'm in a room full of PocahontasesAnd this shit is off the meat rackWeed sack, big car, layin' with my seat backWe next, weed never left Holland, weed bagAll this ice on my and my niggas playing freeze tagLord forgive me, this my fourth foreignIf you baby daddy lame, you should forewarn himI come through with the yapper onTurn that nigga into hot bolognaI'm the type a nigga cop a Rolly, cop a Benz, cop a twoThen wear it all to Church, nigga HalleluUh, I'm from the trap where the block'll pay youMe and my nigga pass your ho like a hot potatoI be like you could get her, he be like you could get herI be like you could have her, he be like you could have herHe be like, it don't matter, I be like, me neitherUh, my old school got twenty-sixes on itAnd I got you girl kissin' on me[Hook][Outro]Yuck Daddy! Yuck!Yuck Daddy! Yuck!Yuck-yuck-yuck Daddy!Two big chain, one big chopperTwo big chain, one big chopperTwo big chain, one big chopperTwo big chain, one big chopper, bitch

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