shop boyz "party like a rockstar" lyrics

shop boyz party like a rockstar lyrics

" party  like a rockstar" Video Lyrics

 Y-y-y-yeah, y-y-y-yeah, y-y-y-yeah, y-y-y-yeah
T-t-t-totally dude 
Party like a rockParty like a rockstarParty like a rockParty like a rockstarParty like a rockParty like a rockstarParty like a rockstar
T-t-t-totally dude 
I'm on a money making missionBut I party like a rockstarFlyin' down 20 lookin' good in my hot carYou know them hoes be at my showWorried 'bout where my chain goI uh rubba in ma pantsBut these hoes won't let my thang go
I uwa like I uwa'Cause you know them hoes be trying usHoe don't you know I fuck with fine diamondsThat look like Pa-me-laThey fine and they hot braWhen I'm in the spot bra......I PARTY LIKE a ROCKSTAAARRR!!!!!!

Party like a rockstarDo it with the black and the whiteLike a cop carWhoop, whoop, whoop, wha, whoopMe and my band, manOn the yacht with Marylin MansonGetting a tan manUuwaaa
(Cool) you know meWith a skull belt and wallet chainShop boys, rockstarsYeah, we 'bout to change the gameChange the game? Uh ohThey know that I'm a starI make it rain from the center of my guitar

As soon as I came out the wombMy momma knew a star was bornNow I'm on the golf courseTrippin' with the OsbournesI seen the show with Travis BarkerRockstar mentalityI'm jumping in the crowdJust to see if they would carry me
White bitches wanna marry meThey see me they just might panicMy ice make 'em go down quickLike the TITANIC!!Yeah, I'm with the shop boysYou know what we doI'm surfin' screamin' kowabongaTOTALLY DUDE!!


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