Where is the musician castro - is he dead ?- is he alive ?

The Ghanaian musician Theophilus Tagoe AKA Castro "under fire" was reportedly drowned at the Ada river around the eastern - Volta region of Ghana two weeks ago. I wrote an article about the sudden missing of Castro which received much attention. However, Its been weeks and still nothing have been heard about the disappearance of Castro.

The question most people ask is " where is Castro?" . Is he really dead? Did he drown in the Ada river? If yes how come its been two weeks and his body has not been recovered. Is he alive? If he is where is he? Castro's sudden disappearance in the Ada river has become a big blow to most Ghanaian music fans and the country as a whole.

Since this news, there has been many speculations from various people and traditional priest. According to one fetish priest from Ghana, he said Castro has been swallowed by a spirit in the river and that the family should see him so he perform some rites before castro will be released. Another person from Tagoe reported seeing Castro on the shores of the Togoe sea who was intervied by peace fm.

Castro's sudden disappearance has been a major news break in the Ghanaian media and most
Ghanaian s are looking foward to hear good news or any other result from Castro.

The Ghanaian lawyer Mr Maurice Ampaw made a statement claiming for the immediate arrest of the Ghana Black stars captain Asamoah Gyan over the disappearance of Castro.

Castro and his female friend Janet Bandu have not been found since they went on jet skiing on the estuary of the Volta Lake 16 days ago.

The Black Stars skipper was in the company of his friends for holidays at the Ada Resort when the accident occurred and despite several rescue efforts the two have not been found either dead or alive.

Lawyer Ampaw wants Asamoah Gyan arrested for the supposed role he played in the whole episode.
 Black Stars captain Asamoah Gyan was to leave Ghana on Sunday, 20th July at 10pm to Al Ain to take part in the club's pre-season training, two weeks after his friend Castro got missing in Ada, according to metrofmonline.

Gyan and his friends including the musician went for a weekend fun trip at Ada, but their trip turned sour with news of Castro's disappearance together with a female partner, Janet Bandu.

“If Ghana were a serious nation, we wouldn’t have allowed Marine Police to go and have fun on the sea, with the intention of searching for Castro’s body. Then Asamoah Gyan also picked a boat saying he was going to search for Castro, these will not happen in a serious country,’ he fumed on Kumasi-based Metro FM.

“For Christ sake, Castro is a celebrity, a star, anybody who was involved should be arrested to enable the person write his statement. We are in a country people do not know their right and that is why they are walking freely. I am therefore calling for the arrest of Asamoah Gyan and anybody, who went with Castro to Ada. They should be arrested and given police enquiry bail, for investigation to be carried out.”

Gyan has delayed his pre-season with his United Arab Emirates side until his friend is found. He has demonstrated his commitment to see the two either dead or alive by offering financial support to the rescue team.

The Ghana Police Service will soon launch a criminal investigation into the drowning incident involving hiplife musician Castro and his friend Janet Bandu.
An official who requested anonymity told a VibeGhana.com source that the police has gathered evidence and will begin taking statements from all who witnessed the July 6 drowning of Castro and Janet Bandu to assist in the investigation.

“The police is looking at all the evidences that were gathered at the scene and a criminal investigation will be launched soon to see if there were any foul plays”.
Our checks at Ada indicates that the search for the missing duo has scaled down with only a handful of people (mostly fishermen) searching for their bodies. But according to the source the scale-down does not mean an end to the search.

The latest being a claim by Akoo Nana that the musician is in captivity.
He believes some ritualists kidnapped Castro for ritual purposes but discovered that he is not an ordinary person and therefore do not know what to do now.
Rescue operations started Sunday, July 6, 2014 for Castro and his female companion, Janet Bandu, who went missing earlier while jet skiing in the waters of Ada.

“Even though the number of police in the area has decreased, you can still see that they are target searching rather than random searching like it was in the beginning”.
Some family members of the two missing persons especially of Janet Bandu are said to have stepped up their calls for the investigation in recent days to ascertain the truth in the whole incident.
Castro also known as Theophilus Tagoe and Janet Bandu are believed to have drowned the Ada waters during a jet ski ride on July 6.

Some persons have alleged that the musician might have been taken away by a marine spirit but hiplife musician William Ankrah known on stage as Akoo Naa, says the musician is alive.
Speaking in an interview with Myjoyonline.com, Akoo Nana said he strongly believes that Castro has been kidnapped.

“I think Castro is not dead…I think he’s been kidnapped, not spiritually kidnaped but physically kidnapped, and the leader has realised it is him and they are scared to bring him out because they know if they bring him out they know they will be in trouble but I know Castro is going to come back to us,” the Kachina hit singer alleged.

He explained further that: “Castro was not supposed to be kidnapped. I think they were trying to kidnap some people for something. They kidnap people for rituals. I think they kidnapped them and later realized it was Castro by then they have him in their custody,” and the kidnappers are finding it difficult to release him.
According to him, people who are peddling rumours that he has been taken by a marine spirit are lying.
Akoo Nana, who is a Chief at Kasoa (Sarikyin Waasa), disclosed that he was supposed to attend a funeral with Castro in Kumasi on that faithful Sunday but unfortunately they could not make it to the funeral. Subsequently, he was supposed to join Castro and the others but “because of my business I couldn’t make it to the location [Ada] with them.”

He attributed the disappearance to traditional reasons, speculating that when chiefs and fetish priests die, their people kidnap especially strangers who are sacrificed to accompany them.
“May be one of these chiefs died in the nearby village and they needed some heads to escort this chief and they kidnapped them but later realized that it is Castro and they can’t touch him,” he said.
“Castro is a Christian, he prays a lot. We go to church together,” Akoo Nana disclosed and added that “Castro is alive, the girl is alive and Castro will surely come back.”

Music from castro:

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